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One of the sectors in means of transport where the technological advance has been more accelerated is the manufacture of motorcycles. In addition to a great improvement in the power and mechanical behavior, the bikes include new materials that make the products used in repair are at the same level of vanguard and quality that are incorporated in the factory.

The Company Range

The company’s range of fasteners and products for assembly and mechanical sealing is well proven in the most powerful vehicles and subjected to the toughest conditions. Fixators of high resistance and fast curing, silicones for sealing all types of lids and housings, and lubricants of extreme thermal resistance to avoid the seizing of components that are at high temperatures, are good examples of the effectiveness of The company in the assembly Mechanical of the current motorcycles. In addition, for the repair of plastic and fiber exterior parts, our company 3090 instant adhesive or the range provide a plus of excellence. From Mpf viewports this happens to be a very important matter now.

In short, the company products provide the professional with a perfect option to repair all types of parts with a quality identical to that of origin, with a minimum consumption of material and labor, thus generating high-value jobs that will generate important benefits to the workshop, in addition to a high satisfaction for the client.

  • Products and specific applications in motorcycle repair
  • The company 243 – Fixer resistance medium oiled parts

Medium strength fasteners fixer

Suitable for threads up to M36, it is used to avoid self-loosening due to vibrations in all types of threads as in the seat and shock absorber studs. It is also used in the anchor bolts of the rear fender and the front wheel axle. It supports up to 180ºC and all types of automotive fluids.

Joint maker is for use in the sealing of rigid flanges and with very good mechanization. It is the best option to seal transmissions, engine blocks or rigid covers such as the water pump or the thermostat. Fast curing is a high resistance and compatible with all engine fluids, supports up to 150ºC.

Innovative instant is two-component gel adhesive that fills gaps up to 5 mm and does not hang up. It is not only used to join small multi-substrate pieces (plastics, metal, rubber or fiber) but also used to repair and fill. It is ideal to repair fairings or to adhere rubber o-rings.

It is together with The Company the other cold plastic welding variant that we offer for motorcycle repair. Its longer application time allows the repair of major damages than with The Company and also The company is sandable, machinable, paintable and can be shallow easily.
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