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Best Options for the Perfect Electrical Services Now Possible Now

An irreplaceable component of each house is the power grid. And it does not matter at all whether an apartment building or an office space, without an electrical network, is difficult to imagine a comfortable existence. Initially, during the repair work, it is necessary to give proper value to the electrical wiring, which consists of a flap, wiring, sockets, switches, lamps and electrical appliances.

This article details the tips and rules and the procedure for electrical work, which will help you to understand how to properly install the lighting system, emergency lighting system, if necessary, the installation of a guarantee system for electricity. A reliable electrician in Singapore is perfect for this task.

Stages of electrical installation works

  • Before proceeding with electrical installation work, it is necessary to create a wiring diagram.
  • The scheme will serve as a budget for the owners, from which it will be clear how many materials, and in what quantities should be purchased.
  • The process of installing electrical wiring should be approached with great responsibility, because this area in the overall repair of the apartment is the most important. The process of electrical work includes several stages.
  • This type has a conventional electrical panel. Includes a protective automatics, which is set individually for each group


Markup must be carried out immediately before re-planning and dismantling.

How marking is done:

  • Marking places where lighting devices and other equipment will be installed;
  • Marking of the area where the wiring will be placed;
  • Pipes are laid;
  • insulators, switches, plug-in sockets are installed;
  • gaskets and fixing of wiring;
  • Separating equipment, electric receivers, distribution cabinets are installed;
  • wires are attached;
  • The final step is testing and testing.

There is special equipment that checks the quality of the contact connection; the device measures the current and voltage level.


Installation work is carried out after the completion of the ceiling and the walls of the building. They mean by themselves:

  • Sockets are initially installed;
  • after the clarification devices;
  • The power user is installed at the end.

What you need to do to perform electrical work

The wiring process consists of:

  1. dismantling;
  2. Layout;
  3. mechanical work;
  4. cable glands;
  5. Wiring harness;
  6. Installation of electrical installation equipment (switches, sockets, lamps);
  7. fixing the cables in one system;
  8. Adjustment work.

Important! The entire process of conducting electrical installation works must be under the control of a professional.

How to properly dismantle?

This process involves the removal of an obsolete outlet, switch, and wires.

Important! When dismantling, it is mandatory to turn off the power on the switchboard, in order to prevent electric shock.

How is the markup done?

It is necessary to apply the marking according to the project. On the surface of the building, it is necessary to designate lines where cables, wires, sockets, switch, lamps will be laid. Now it is considered a trend to install an outlet on an average of 40 cm, a switch at a level of 80 cm from the floor covering, but in the kitchen the outlet needs to be installed 10 cm above the kitchen countertop. A famous electrician in Singapore is perfect now.